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Download the betting software Natipuj


The current distributed version: 4.7
Date of distribution: 08/03/2021

Natipuj is a program that requires any computer with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and is installed on a hard disk. After installing the client has 5 free updates of the database with results.

In case of problems with Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, compatibility with Windows XP and level of authorization (for updating the database and program that are downloaded from the Internet) is to be set:

Right-click on the program icon, select Properties-> Compatibility. Select the option Run this program in compatibility mode with system and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Also select Run this program as an administrator.

After clicking on OK, the program will work as it should.

History of versions

08/03/2021 - Updated version 4.7 - Complete season 2021/2022 is ready.

7/31/2019 - Version 4.7 - Complete season 2019/2020 is ready.

8/3/2018 - Version 4.6 - Complete season 2018/2019 is ready.

8/9/2017 - Version 4.5 - Complete season 2017/2018 is ready.
We have improved the tips for the match (added solo tips).
We have added the export of the matches to the csv file. However, this feature is only available to users with a valid activation key. Export can be done by pressing the CTRL + E keystrokes in the windows with tips.

7/29/2016 - Version 4.4 - Complete season 2016/2017 is ready.

8/1/2015 - Version 4.3 - Complete season 2015/2016 is ready.

8/20.2014 - Version 4.2 - The season 2014/2015 is complete ready.
In the table has been marked positions to promote European Cups and relegations.

7/3/2014 - Version 4.1 - We have added a new mode of betting UNDER / OVER 2.5 goals.
Italian language was inserted to the program. Special thanks Mirko Vaccaro for translate.

12/17/2013 - Version 4.0 - The program is working on an improved algorithm, has been enhanced with a function LIVE tip and offers unlimited updating odds.
A new computational algorithm is successful according to the simulation by about 2%.
Function LIVE tip after entering halftime result calculates a tip for the final result.
The activated program allows you unlimited odds updates. Odds are updated continuously every hour.

9/9/2013 - Version 3.2 - We have added new functions Form and Value tips.
Function Form organize teams from last (5,4,3,2) matches played.
Function Value Tips search differences between odd and the percentage estimate for each available tip.
When sorting matches in the Tips of the week and Value tips by clicking on the title LEAGUE, matches are sorting alphabetically by name of the league.
In Analysis of the match has been added information: Form home for the home team and Form away for the guest.

7/9/2013 - Version 3.1 - Setup for the football season 2013/2014.

3/24/2013 - Version 3.0 - The main change is the distribution for 3 modes of betting: Full time, 1st half and 2nd half.
In the results window is displayed in parentheses halftime score.
After the addition, correction or deletion result, in closing the window starts calculate ELO points.
In the list of betting matches were added columns %1,%0,%2, where is directly displayed the probability for the tip 1,0,2.
In the analysis window were added links to view the table home and table away.

12/28/2012 - Version 2.3 - We have added 4 new European leagues: Danish, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian.

11/22/2012 - Version 2.2 - Added odds to the matches. Odds are updated together with the results database, i. e. daily.
Calculating differences between odds and probabilities in %, (the odd is simply the probability of the result). More information is here: About the program
The tipping week changed from Monday - Sunday to Tuesday - Monday. In the functions Tips for the week and Tipping the league the range of days is shown in the head of the window.
Added new chart of performance in the analysis of the match. If you move the cursor around the chart, you are shown the already played matches of the analysed team.
Added button to open the match on page.
In the settings tab Update, is the ability to check a new version of the program when the program starts.

10/31/2012 - Version 2.1 - The offer triggered by pressing the right mouse button did not work.
Incorrect graphical display of some elements.

10/17/2012 - Version 2.0 - The first officially released version of Natipuj program in the English language.