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Terms and conditions

General Provisions

These terms and conditions governs the provision of services by MitSoft, ID: 45359946, place of business Ďorocká 9, 940 72 Nové Zámky, Slovakia (herein after reffered to as "the provider") in the form of access to the results database of software Natipuj. Software Natipuj is available free of charge as a setup file, only pre-paid access to the software's updated database is charged, which is an essential part of the software. These terms and conditions governs the contractual relationship and define the rights and obligations between the Provider and the Client. Client can only be an adult person with full legal capacity.

Rights and responsibilities

Unauthorized distribution, distribution and use of software Natipuj are prohibited. All tips and information generated by software Natipuj are for informational use only and the provider is not liable for any damages arising from the use of the program. Provider is not responsible for any damages, lost profits, or another loss (pecuniary and / or non-pecuniary) resulting from the use, inability to use, or from the results of use of the software Natipuj.
The Provider undertakes to update the results database at least once a day during the day, unless he has technical problems that would have made this activity impossible. If you can not update the database within 3 days, the provider shall inform the client via e-mail. The updated database is located on the provider's update server. The client can download the updated database to his/her computer using the "Update" in Natipuj software and Internet connection. Access to an updated results database is available only from the computer to which access has been ordered. The identification of this computer is under the acronym "ID", which is entered in order. Portability of database to another computer is impossible. Client agrees to use information generated by the software only for his/her own purposes and not to disclose them to third parties. In the case of non-use of the ordered services, the client is not entitled to recover financial compensation.


Order of service is entirely electronic and is subject to completing all the mandatory data in the order form. Order becomes binding for the client after sending. Order shall be considered as a draft contract to provide services that the operator provides. After sending the order, a confirmation e-mail with instructions for payment is sent to e-mail address specified in the order.

Price and payment terms

Price of the service is listed in the order form and in payment documents that are sent electronically. Price may be paid by non-cash transfer with payment system Paypal. The maturity is 14 days after sending the order. Client agrees to pay the lump sum of total price of the service. The payment is considered to be a payment credited to a bank account of provider.

Delivery conditions

After crediting the total price to the bank account of provider, the provider undertakes to electronically send within 24 hours (usually within 10 minutes) "activation key" and an invoice to the client. After entering the activation key into the software settings, ordered service activates. Length of activation begins one day after sending an activation key. The activation key is not transferable to another computer.

Withdrawal from the contract

If the provider fails to provide the ordered service for problems on his side, even after a client's written notice, the client has the right to cancel the contract and demand repayment of the price from the provider.

Final provisions

The provider is entitled to unilaterally reformulates these Terms. Validity of these terms and conditions terminates with the validity of new business conditions, which will replace these terms and conditions. New terms and conditions are effective after their publication on the provider's web site.
All information relating to client matters, which provider keeps in his information system, are not publicly available. The provider is authorized to release information to third parties only with the written consent of the client, as concerned person, in accordance with the provisions of the Act. 122/2013 Z.z. about personal data protection.